Yet another example of legislators and/or big business making unethical decisions on behalf of consumers and the planet. No doubt those that make these decisions have their own unaffected food sources and/or they don’t realize what they are doing and/or they just don’t care. Certainly they rely on ignorance and the blind trust of those too blinkered or too kind or too-busy-getting-by to think that another human being could make decisions like these.

Wake up! These decisions are being made all the time and more and more often as the planet become more degraded.

Watch more closely and you will see them sneaking through this/that piece of legislation that benefits no one – other than the unaccountable, unscrupulous interests of big business. WTF are politicians on the taxpayer’s dime doing spending time on legislation that takes people rights away in order to make wealthy companies a few more bucks?

Clean water supplies are dwindling the world over. No corner of the earth is untouched by the silly consumption decisions that we continue to make (or not make) as we sleepwalk ourselves towards system collapse.

And we simply cannot allow fracking and prospecting to ruin what water we have not yet ravaged, while big companies make a fortune wrangling up good sources for their own benefit.

Please, for the sake of our children, lets do our research and consume in a more ethical manner. And remember that we also have the right and the power to demand that legislators make decisions in such a manner as well.

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