Climate change does not exist!


LOVE to those who continue to prop up their greedy fossil fuels pushing agenda. The truth is that the there has never been any contention within the scientific community (well the majority who are not on the payroll of big oil (and blood)) as to the fact of climate change. Also, for the record, while ‘global warming’ is a term used to describe the warming up of the globe in aggregate terms, it does not mean that every square inch is hotter all the time. Since the biosphere is a single huge intertwined bio mass in which trillions and trillions of organisms contribute to the macro and micro status quo and energy is continuously shifting through a complex system of planetary functions, the business of changing weather and climate at the local level is far more complex than the aggregate of a rapidly overheating atmosphere. Hence scenes like the one above will become, as our single beloved ecosystem of the earth attempts to come to terms with the impact of the human animal and more specifically the industrial power elite/mafia, all the more common. And for those who are for whatever reason unable to accept the reality of human impact, just talk to (or get off your ass and do some fucking research) international aid and rescue workers about the alarming rise in the incidence of natural disasters. Don’t feel guilty, just get real.

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