The methodology of apology – group vs individual…

The vastness of my self-appointed task sometimes points me towards a pragmatic approach (as opposed to an idealistic one), and thus, towards group apology…though I do recognize, of course, that the sentiment in the gesture is perhaps more important than the actual number of apologies that I make during the ongoing course of the project.

Just in case someone was wondering, the shouting is intended as a metaphor for the ridiculousness of my self-appointed task, as well as the urgency of our contemporary ecological cisumstance.

For the record, I myself would never shout when ‘in nature’ and do so only with (deliberately amateurish home-movie aesthetic) camera present to serve the underlying premis of Project Apology – the right of all beings to exist in the pristine  and abundant pre industrial revolution state of the earth that is their birthright.

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