Begun in 2007, ‘Project Apology’ is an ongoing video documentation of an undertaking to apologize, in person and as a self- appointed member of humanity, to non-human species on the planet that are being adversely affected by human activity.

Obviously such a mandate includes every last living creature and, as such, presents a tall order, the unmanageability of such an undertaking becoming a big part of its content as a piece of art – as we move collectively towards a greater degree of acknowledgment of the human footprint and acceptance of the urgent need for responsible change. The need is evidenced, for example, in the current accelerated rate of species extinction documented by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

My intent with this project is to use satire as a means to deliver a serious message in an unconventionally and ‘amusingly’ palatable, yet provocative manner (so as to avoid the alienation and preachy tone that often comes with the delivery of the realities of human impact on the planet) in attempting to come to terms, morally and spiritually, with human implications of our current scientific reality.

In addition to an ongoing video blog, Project Apology is typically presented as single channel video compilation, or multi channel installation. It has been shown in a number of museum and non-profit settings. In order to give you a sense of the format in which it is presented or screened, I have included a short low quality compilation here.